Training Opportunities

United Way strives to provide ample training for every volunteer, including Loaned Executives and Engagement Coordinators.

Engagement Coordinators

Engagement Coordinators are selected and trained to work alongside their United Way representative to plan, organize and coordinate their company’s United Way experience. ECs are the backbone of the experience, and much of our impact would be impossible without them.


Specifically, ECs:

  • Work with the president or CEO of their organization to run a pledge drive.
  • Recruit a committee that represents all departments of their organization.
  • Work with United Way representative to develop a plan, goals and timeline.
  • Coordinate their company’s kickoff and special events.
  • Promote the pledge drive throughout their company.
  • Learn and educate co-workers about United Way’s role in the community.
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for next year.

Not to mention, THEY MAKE IT FUN!

Check out UNITE 2016: Igniting Community Champions
A conference made specifically for our Engagement Coordinators! Look out for next year's event!


Video Tutorials

The video playlist below includes instructions on the Epledge Dashboard, Pledge Drive EnvelopesPaper Pledge Form and Epledge (Payroll Deduction, Credit/Debit Card, Direct Bill, Check, Paid-Time Off and Stocks/Securities.

To learn more about Engagement Coordinators please contact April Arthur or Christie Snyder.

Loaned Executives

Companies have an opportunity to "loan" a management-level employee for 12-24 weeks, primarily during the May-November timeframe. Loaned Executives help coordinate workplace pledge drives throughout the region, while building valuable professional and personal skills.

United Way recruits Loaned Executives in the spring and early summer months. We can help you identify management-level candidates at your own company or help you connect with a Loaned Executive to assist with your efforts.

To learn more about our Loaned Executives program, please contact Stacey Anderson by calling 317-921-2511 or download this resource.

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