United Christmas Service

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Making the season a little brighter

'Tis the season of giving.
Help make it a brighter season for those in need!

Since the beginning of our United Christmas Service program in 1952, United Way of Central Indiana has made an effort to assist families in need during the holiday season.

In 2015, more than 19,000 people received food, clothing and toys thanks to your generosity.

How does United Christmas Service work?

Caseworkers from our partner organizations refer to UCS qualified families who are currently engaged in their agency's services. Then, we verify these referrals to help prevent duplication of services, allowing us to help the maximum number of people.

United Christmas Service vouchers only provide food, clothing and/or toys. The program does not help with rental assistance, utility bill payments or locating housing. For these issues please call 2-1-1.

How can I help?

Give: Donate to the Direct Assistance Program. Through your donations, families in need of limited assistance during the holidays are referred to the Direct Assistance Program. Each family receives a restricted voucher that can be used for food, clothing and/or toys based on the number of people in the family. Applicants are subject to a thorough review process.

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Volunteer: United Christmas Service accepts applications from community members such as representatives from companies, departments/divisions, neighborhood associations, churches, civic organizations, families, friends or individuals each holiday season.

How can I receive assistance for my family?

In order to be considered for assistance through United Christmas Service, you must be referred to the program through a partner organization, where you are currently engaged in services. The family referral deadline is November 25, 2016United Christmas Service only assists people living in Marion, Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, and Morgan counties.

If you live in any other county and are seeking help, please contact your local 2-1-1 or local United Way to browse available holiday programs and assistance


2016 Deadlines:

Family referral: November 25, 2016
Sponsor a family: December 19, 2016