Featured Programs

Tax Preparation


As an integral part of our education priority, ReadUP enlists volunteers to help early school-aged kids get on track — and stay on track — with their expected reading levels.

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Winter Assistance Fund

Winter Assistance Fund ensures warm homes during the coldest months. Winter Assistance does our part to make sure Central Indiana residents don't have to endure the winter without heat and electricity.

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Leadership Programs

An integral part of volunteer training, our Leadership Programs comprehensively develop community and board leaders. The Leadership United Program has been updated for 2014.

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Quality Child Care

As part of our advocacy initiative, Quality Child Care stands to inform parents of the conditions of childcare centers. We advocate for safe and healthy child care to be available for ALL Central Indiana children. 

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Community Assessments

Community Assessments serve as resources on our community assets, interests and concerns. Community Assessments allow all community members to address the needs of Central Indiana.

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