THe IMpact of United Way of Central Indiana

Do you know someone you helped, because you give to United Way?

Have you ever crossed paths with someone whose life is better, thanks to the combined power of United Way? You have now. The stories below will introduce you to neighbors we’ve helped on their way to self sufficiency. And, you’ll also meet volunteers who are advancing that cause too.


Health impact, James’ story: When a camp of homeless people living under a bridge closed, James – then near death – was rushed to a hospital. What happened next is a life turn-around story that you’re part of, through United Way. Watch >>

Education impact, Mackenzie’s story: Using an iPad with music apps may look like plain fun. But to Mackenzie, it’s part of his overall plan for progressing in school. Watch >>

Health impact is child’s play!: How early should good nutrition and active behaviors be infused into kids’ routines?  See how one United Way partner is making it part of every day’s agenda for its tiniest students. Watch >>

Basic Needs impact, Stephannie’s story: Stephannie and her two children are getting ready to move. It’s a move you helped make possible – from family violence and toward self-sufficiency. Watch >>

Education impact, a story of quality child care gains: If you’re a working parent looking for high quality, affordable child care, the supply options just got a little better. See how United Way is helping. Watch >>

Volunteer impact, Lindsay’s story: A banking professional, Lindsay uses her financial know-how in her volunteer life too. See how her business skills help give young adults leaving foster care the tools to make sounder financial decisions. Watch >>

Volunteer impact, Topher’s story: By day, Topher is employed as a baker at a big hotel. On his own time, he uses his culinary skills to volunteer for two United Way agencies, because he’s discovered it’s essential to his well being. Watch >>

Volunteer impact, Tony’s story: Tony has earned 1,075 hours volunteering as a cook for military veterans at HVAF, a United Way agency. See what put him on that path and why it’s a prized part of every day. Watch >>

Volunteer impact, Stella’s story: Growing up, Stella did not like to read or write. Now, as a ReadUP volunteer, she’s helping struggling young students improve their reading skills, as part of United Way’s overarching education goals. Watch >>

Volunteer impact, Julie’s story: Volunteer impact: Once a single mom of a child with learning challenges, Julie has a strong sense of how fragile people’s circumstances can become. It’s what fuels her desire to give and volunteer through United Way in many ways. Watch >>

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