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Connecting volunteer readers and
tutors with children who need help most.

The numbers don’t lie: students who are tutored
through ReadUP perform better in reading and are
more likely to succeed in school. But they can’t get
the help they need without volunteers like
you. Through our signature program, ReadUP
matches volunteer with local  schools to help kids
get on track — and stay on track — with grade-level literacy. watch video


Be the difference.

For most Central Indiana children, caring adults are the difference between academic success and failure. Just one hour a week is all it takes to impact the life of a child. Can you spare an hour?

ReadUP Tutors:

ReadUP Tutors are volunteers that read with children in the third-grade, reach grade-level literacy and pass the English Language Arts portion of the ISTEP.

Register for ReadUP Tutors by selecting the county in which you would like to volunteer

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ReadUP Readers:

ReadUP Readers are volunteers that read aloud to small or whole groups of preschool children, helping these kids begin their literacy development.

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ReadUP Corps:

ReadUP Corps members are trained to provide struggling readers in first and second grade with individualized literacy interventions to help build phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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