DIY cAMPAIGN — small business, big heart

DIY campaigns are designed to help small businesses get involved in a meaningful way. With the simple three-step process created just for your small business, your campaign is sure to be easy, fun and effective!

STEP 1 - Share the LIVE UNITED message!

  • Email your coworkers our website,
  • Use any of our print materials.
  • Check out all our resources in our Campaign Clubhouse.

STEP 2 – Choose a way to pledge

  • Encourage your coworkers to donate online.
  • If you're sticking with all print materials (or simply have someone who wants to mail in their donation), just print out the pledge form
  • Consider incentives, like jeans days or early dismissal, for hitting a goal for dollars raised or percentage participation.
  • You can also take a less traditional approach, based on fundraising events and activities, as opposed to pledge forms.

STEP 3 – Thank your co-workers

All of their generosity deserves to be appreciated!

  • Thank your co-workers' with cards, notes, voicemails, Web site, Intranet, e-mails, balloons, etc. 
  • You can download some of our sample thank you letters to send out. And here's a thank you flier to post around the office.