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Critical service helps thousands of struggling neighbors strive for, achieve self-sufficiency

Every hour of every day, people need essential human services. They are looking for health care assistance, help with prenatal care, domestic abuse support, counseling and ways to improve their economic situation. 2-1-1 services and referrals allow Indiana residents to get the critical help they need, so they can lead safe and healthy lives today and in the future.

Last year, 2-1-1 provided assistance to more than 400,000 callers, emailers and visitors to its website seeking help with basic needs (food, shelter, heat, etc.), legal assistance, or find refuge from domestic violence situations. Through the easy-to-remember 2-1-1 dialing code, 2-1-1 serves to promote self-sufficiency and improve lives in our community. With 2-1-1, Hoosiers have a place to call for help whenever they need it most.

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2-1-1 is easy to remember, easy to use, free of charges, confidential and available 24/7.

Supporters say 2-1-1 connects Hoosiers in need to services that can result in long-term savings to society and help more people in need obtain supports so they can become more self-reliant. Examples include:

Health care: 2-1-1 refers the uninsured to low-cost clinics instead of hospitals, helping those in need get treated and saving taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

Domestic abuse: More than finding shelter, 2-1-1 helps connect victims to the resources they need (employment, housing, basic needs, etc.) to be self-sufficient and avoid returning to their abuser.

Older Hoosiers: 2-1-1 refers seniors to agencies and programs that will assist them with utilities, meals, transportation and other services that keep them healthy and independent.

Disaster: During disasters, 2-1-1 refers Hoosiers in need to critical disaster-related goods and services, connects volunteers to disaster relief operations and serves as a sentinel for public information needs.

Veterans: 2-1-1 refers veterans to agencies and programs that keep them mentally healthy and off the street.

Infant mortality: 2-1-1 refers mothers to agencies and programs that keep them and their infants safe and healthy.